Blogging 201, Day Eleven: Buddy Up – Who wants to be my buddy?

I guess I may be the last blogger working on this assignment.  I may have taken my own sweet time, my own pace on Blogging 201.  After reading today’s assignment I felt I had worked on it alone without much interaction because ……………

I have no buddy from Blogging 201 Class of April 2014.

How sad.

That does not mean I have no blogging buddies at all though.  I sure do and you know who you are but you are not doing this assignment with me !  I need someone to ‘buddy up’ on blogging 201.

Today’s assignment : Find a blogging buddy.  If appropriate, plan to publish a guest posts on each other’s blog.

If you are from Blogging 201, please would like you buddy me and explore this assignment together?

I have no idea how to go about doing guest post.  For those who know, please share tips, the pros and cons of ‘guest post’ please.

Here’s an extract from Blogging 201, day eleven.

If you’re not going to guest post, you can still be helpful buddies. Promote each other’s posts on your social networks — we know you’re looking for more content to share. Link to them in posts, or from your sidebar. And of course, keep using one another for candid feedback and moral support.

Is there anyone out there happy to do any of the below with me please?


No, you do not have to be from Blogging 201, class of April 2014.  In fact I have already done all of those except for 1 (Guest Post) with my close blogging buddy(ies) and you definitely know who you are.

1.  Guest post.

2.  Promote each other’s post on your social networks.

3.  Link to them in posts or from your sidebar.

4.  Giving each other candid feedback (comments) and moral support (likes).


Happy Blogging.





6 thoughts on “Blogging 201, Day Eleven: Buddy Up – Who wants to be my buddy?

  1. I did a bit of blogging 101 and was thinking about looking a bit at blogging 201. If you fancy ill see if I can help? X

    • I have had a look at blogging 101 too and touches on some if not all of the topics in Blogging 201. We could do any of those 4 tips. Have you gone through the ‘guest post’ assignment on blogging 101 yet?

      • I didn’t realise there was a guest post in blogging 101, so no! I went days without checking and then just sort of read the ones I’d missed all at once and did the ones I wanted to do. X

      • That’s one way to keep ahead but I didn’t want to give up and wanted to cover all the topics. Not long to go. Thanks for your comments and connections, buddy. 🙂

  2. Hi there Little Borneo Girl,
    You’re not the last one working on Blogging 201! I am still working on it too. I started it very late and have been trying to work my way through without any real interaction with the rest of the group since they were all so far ahead of me it seemed really pointless to try and jump in.
    I got through day 10 and then got stuck on this project of trying to find a buddy when everyone was already finished.
    I have no idea how to guest post either.
    I was just going online to find the assignment for day 11 and saw your post in my reader and thought ‘aha!, I’m NOT the only one who didn’t finish”.
    Maybe we could share a couple of each others posts in our social media?

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