Work of Art

“Art” isn’t just paintings and sculptures, it can be anything in which we find beauty and meaning — even food. Show us a thing, place, or person that’s a work of art to you.

via Work of Art.

Are you a fan of Symphony Orchestra?

I enjoy music but not to such an extent that I could fully differentiate the sounds of woodwinds, brass, percussion and strings really.  I only know the basic in layman’s terms keyboard as in piano, strings as in guitar and drums being drums obviously.  All I enjoy is simply “the sound of music”.

Last week I attended The Auckland Symphony Orchestra, a concert playing music inspired by the writings of famous English playwright William Shakespeare.  Before the musicians came in, I was already amazed by the beautiful stage and captured the photos here “a work of art” indeed.

IMG_1275 IMG_1276 IMG_1277


Click here to find out more of Romeo & Juliet : The music of Shakespeare and Friends

3 thoughts on “Work of Art

  1. Both the place and the sounds made by the symphony are works of art. We have an old theatre in town that is just lovely, and there’s nothing better than sitting inside and enjoying the sounds! Thanks for posting.

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