Share the joy of celebrating Mother’s Day

Today is Mother’s Day.
You may or may not celebrate it
in way of presents or dining out.
Mother’s day is a day that calls
for you to do a good deed for a loved one.

You may be a child.
Celebrating Mother’s Day is
remembering your mother
doing something nice for her
be it a phone call or a household chore.

You may be a father.
Celebrating Mother’s Day is
acknowledging both your mother and your wife.
It’s a day that you are allowed to pamper two women at the same time
walked into a restaurant, two women and one man arm in arm.

You are a mother.
Today is your special day
even though your loved ones may or may not be near.
Feel blessed knowing that you have raised a child or more
whether or not present today, you are a great mother without you there is no child.

© little Borneo Girl



5 thoughts on “Share the joy of celebrating Mother’s Day

      • Thanks, Jess. It was a low-key day, ordinary actually. I tried to stay out of my mother’s way as best as I could so I didn’t bother her 😀

      • Good girl. Look at that picture of the marshy cake. My daughter and son created it for me. I went to church (don’t do it often enough) and when I arrived home, I saw them both busy in the kitchen and I knew they were up to something… nice. 🙂

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