Blogging 201, Day Seven: Broadcast Your Brand

Today’s Assignment: pick one social network you’ll use to help grow your blog and connect it to your site in at least one way.

I have a facebook page where I shared most if not all of my post from littlegirlstory.  The target audience is different because my facebook page viewers are mostly my personal friends, friends that I have known since childhood.  I have tried to invite bloggers over to my fb page but only a handful have visited.  If you haven’t yet, perhaps after reading this and if you do have a facebook page as well, we could connect on FB as well as WP.

Please visit and support me, LIKE please and be part of my community.

Honestly I am not too tech savvy.  I do not even know how to use instagram and been asking my kids about it and they probably really fed up with me repeatedly asking the same questions. As part of today’s assignment I have tried to add a new social network, in this case I picked ‘Instagram’.

I have gone to APPEARANCE, WIDGETS and added that into my blog so the few photos I have on instagram shows up on my blog but I have no idea how to transfer my blog pictures into instagam (hopefully I will learn this trick in the latter part of blogging 201) or perhaps someone could tell me please.

To see what is new after Day Seven : Broadcast your Brand, you need to get into my homepage on WP and look at the widgets to the right of my page and keep scrolling down to see the new addition today – Instagram : A picture paints a thousand words.

I am not making much progress here tonight.  My intention is more to add photos from WP to Instagram not the other way round.  Now that Instagram is added here on littlegirlstory, I guess I have to be more careful what pictures I snap with my phone in future.

With Instagram at a click of a button,
you will get to see what I am up to !
No words necessary.



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