Showcasing local Kiwi beers

Earlier this year, I created a new category DRINKS hoping to blog and showcase local wineries and write all about wine, beers and drinks of all sorts, alcoholic and non alcoholic.

Today, my single paragraph wine draft sits comfortably in my draft folder though not forgotten.  By the time that draft gets published, I would probably have drank a dozen bottles of Pinor Noir more.

Today, reading Don Charisma’s opinion on beers (please click here to check out his opinion) gave me the ‘push’ to write about this topic.  It has nothing to do with that wine draft as this blog is about beer not wine.  I believe in ‘men as to beer and wine as to women’ (please click here for the full story). 

New Zealanders have always had a reputation for being a nation of beer drinkers. The country’s beer consumption is dominated by pale lager and two breweries, Lion Nathan and DB Breweries, control about 90% of volume sales.

Introducing some of the main brand of New Zealand (Kiwi) Beers.


beerexportgoldExport Gold (DB)  

This is a medium-strength lager that its brewers describe as having ‘a pleasant, slightly fruity flavour, balanced by delicate late hop characters and a crisp clean bitterness in the finish – like your girlfriend’. It also has a sub-brand called Export 33 with the promise it’s brewed 33% longer to give 33% more flavour.


Speight’s (Lion)

Speight’s began commercial life as a Dunedin brewery and in recent years has built its image around ‘Southern Man’, a rough-hewn Kiwi joker living in the South Island. Its main brand is Gold Medal Ale, a favourite among southern students, but its range includes Old Dark, Distinction Ale, Porter, Pilsner, Pale Ale, Harvest Gold and Speight’s Summit, a lager brewed with natural ingredients.


Tui (DB)

The Tui Brewery was established in 1889 in Mangatainoka, in the Wairarapa region. Though it was taken over by DB in 1969, the brewery still trades on the beer’s history and shows the brewery building in its advertising which usually features beer-drinking lads and scantily-clad young women. Main brand is a 4% dark lager, Tui East India Pale Ale.

beermonteithMonteith’s (DB)

Monteith’s was a family-owned brewery servicing the West Coast of the South Island until it was bought by DB. While beer continues to be made at the Greymouth plant, it’s also brewed at other DB centres in Auckland and Timaru. Main brand is Monteith’s Original but it has a range of other labels including Golden Ale, Radler, Celtic, Black and Pilsner.

beermacgoldMcCashin’s (Lion)

Mac’s Gold is a popular Kiwi lager that was launched in 1981 by independent brewer Terry McCashin. Since then, the brewery has added Black Mac, Mac’s Real Ale, Mac’s Extra and a Special Light.

beersteinlagerSteinlager (Lion)

Steinlager was New Zealand’s most exported beer in the 1980s. Today, its Steinlager Classic brand is seen as a leading Premium Lager while its chemical-free Steinlager Pure has become popular among those who prefer a natural beer.

beerdbDB Draught (DB)

For blokes over 50, this has been a mainstay mid-strength draught beer, found on tap at many hotels throughout New Zealand.

Lion Red (Lion)beerredlion6

This has been Lion’s number one tap beer for many years – a mid-strength draught that has aligned itself to New Zealand’s rugby league teams through sponsorship.






Which of these brands do you drink, mate?

Introduction to New Zealand Beers by NZ Holiday Travel


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