4 thoughts on “Birthday Wishes to the sweetest blogger friend I know

  1. Oh my, I didn’t think you were serious one bit when you said you were going to send me a card! Thank you so, so, soooo much, Jess 🙂 I like the card a lot. It’s my second card this year. You really have a knack for making things like these…with your quotes too. Thanks again. If you do come up to Melbourne, I’ll buy you a big, big dinner in a big fancy restaurant 😀

    • You are most welcomed. I will cook you tomato Mee and you are welcomed to stay with me when you come round Auckland. It was 2am ish when I did your card but I had my day off so slept in this morning. Big Hugs Sweetie. 🙂

      • Oh. Can I have the tomato mee without the tomato and tomato sauce? Tomatoes don’t sit well with me all the time 😀 You shouldn’t have stayed up late for the card…but then again you’re a night owl. Hope you’re enjoying the weekend, sounds like you are already!

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