Blogging 201, Day Three : You’ve got the look

There’s lots to digest on this Day Three tip.  I am way way behind Blogging 201 which is now on Day Seven but I refused to give up (although I am struggling).  There’s lots and lots to learn.

When I entered this Challenge or Assignment or whatever you call it, I thought I would have to blog each day on the topic of the day but after Day 2, I realized this challenge is more a learning step into exploring what WordPress offers and how you could customize and personalized your blog with customized themes, images, fonts and all sorts.  It’s actually a practical assignment, learn the trick and make a change on your blog and how you wish to ‘brand’ yourself, sort of.


Today’s assignment: experiment with visual changes and see whether you can refine your brand further and add more dimension to your posts.

Bonus points: make a test blog to use as your personal playground for testing changes.


This sounds pretty technical but I had actually already done this exercise before reading this tip.  I could see the changes on the theme I customized but to have them live, you actually need to pay but it pretty interesting to explore the different backgrounds and colors.  If you wish to test it out, check it out here

Good luck to you if you can grasp all those tips.  I can’t make head or tail out of some.

If you want to try all of this on a test site, so your blog’s appearance isn’t constantly changing, here’s a tutorial to get you started.

Chat more over on The Commons.

Now, go play!

PS   This post is a summary of Michele’s Blogging 201, Day Three : You’ve got the look.

I guess for the time being, until and unless I learn to master those tips, I will stay and look just the same old me and my pine cone is here to stay as my chosen image for littlegirlstory.



You are reading the life story of one little Borneo girl (once upon a time), her reminiscences of the past and her present thoughts.

My littlegirlstory image or my ‘brand’


My Pine cone


2 thoughts on “Blogging 201, Day Three : You’ve got the look

  1. I’m way behind too. Just started messing with Day 3 today too. It’s a good exercise. I hope you stick with it. I’m going to try to catch up this week

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