Are you a slave to busy?

It’s Easter Monday.

Sitting at my desk in the office reading the local daily isn’t my normal day at work.  It is a public holiday but I so happened to be rostered for work as I have no plans this Easter. 

Am I a slave to busy? 

Today is certainly not a busy day.  I could have been at home probably blogging away and makes no difference whether I am at work or home, only that my four legged best mate would be missing me having to stay outside the house (I bet chewing a bone keeping busy) than being indoor in the comfort and warmth of my bed.

While reading the local daily I stumbled upon this article by Louise Thompson, a life coach who believes that

  • Life is short and beautiful
  • We need to make each day count
  • You can have the life you want
  • Outrageous energy is available to us all


How busy are you? Life is busy right?  Do you find it hard to relax? 

When busy is the boss of you (whether you realise it or not), busy is a really crappy employer, with seriously crappy staff benefits. Busy is the boss of a whole heap of us and he sure has a lot of rules:

Busy tells you there will be time to relax later (but later never comes).

Busy tells you that you are lazy if you stop and relax or God forbid have fun.

Busy says time out is for losers, and you, you goddammit are a winner …….. so keep going !

Busy is sure persistence will get you where you need to go.

Busy knows you cannot afford to take a break right now.

Busy says life is meant to be hard.

Busy cannot bear to have you let anyone down.

Busy says it’s absolutely reasonable to stay late ….. again.

Busy worships multi-tasking … and if you can’t keep up busy knows it’s because you are just not working hard enough.

Busy likes the house to always be immaculate just in case…(just in case never happens).

Busy wants everybody to be kept happy, whatever it takes.

Busy needs you to go the extra mile.

Busy says you need to be the perfect parent, perfect partner, perfect employee, perfect slave.

Busy knows you need to get through those items on the to do list … all of them … or you are a big fat failure and just not efficient enough.

Busy knows your work is never done.

Busy thinks you are not good enough. Smart enough. Quick enough. Organised enough.

Busy is a bully of a boss. Busy is a slavedriver. He is single-minded and he loves seeing you work, and work and work. If you are a slave to busy then it’s time to look for a new employer. One who treats their employees well, rewards them for their endeavours, appreciates their work, gives them treats, holidays, time off, fun staff social events, praise, awesome Christmas parties.

Busy is all in our minds. We create busy, it’s got nothing to do with our actual job, it’s purely a state of mind. Which is great news because that means we have the power and choice to change it. How about you work for inspiring, fun or balanced instead? Or ease or grace? How different would that be?


Busy, busy and busy.  Are you working too hard and not smart?  Is life just all about keeping busy?  To read more, please visit


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5 thoughts on “Are you a slave to busy?

  1. “Busy tells you there will be time to relax later (but later never comes).” This. Is. So. True. Being busy gives us the facade that we are productive. But if we’re tired when we’re busy, we make mistakes. I admit I have been a slave to Busy over this Easter break – writing and fretting over this week’s blog post and other writings. It’s so hard to stop Busy, but it’s also very important to say hello to it’s enemy Relax 😀

    • I relax every night till the wee hours hence I am always rushing each morning to get to work on time. A habit I must learn to change. We must learn to beat Busy up so that Relax can come more often into our lives and at the right time. 🙂

      • Rushing is no good, Jess! Okay, I admit I rush to work every morning too…mainly because I am too tired from writing or wasting time the night before. Yes, Busy needs a kick in the behind almost every day so we can spend more time with Relax 🙂

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