Blogging 201, Day One: Set Three Goals

BE WARNED – This is a long post and may not interest all of you.  This post relates to my participation in Blogging 201.

I signed up for Blogging 201 which started a few days ago and I am still on my day one post.  It took me a while to digest what this Blogging 201 is all about but I guess I am getting there (though not quite).  No idea if I am pushing myself too hard, am already trying to Do a Post a Day and if not for the Easter Break, I guess I won’t even be starting this assignment.

Here’s a short summarized extract of what Blogging 201 is all about.

My responses are written in red.

Welcome to Blogging 201: Branding and Traffic !

Today we want you to do a bit of thinking about your blog.  We’re going to ask you to make your blog the focal point of silent reflection:  Today’s assignment: consider what you want to accomplish with your blog.

An extract from my About Page

I am not a writer neither am I an avid reader so blogging my autobiography may be a challenge but this is something I want to do.  I am closer to 70 than 20. When I leave this world or even before when thoughts of my life and my childhood becomes fainter and fainter, I hope my blog will be my footprints on earth should someone out there stumble upon it and know that I have existed in this world, a life bestowed on me one early morning in January half a century ago.


Write down three concrete goals you want to achieve. Why are we doing this?  Because writing down goals forces you to think carefully about what success means to you — “success” is different for everyone.  Because having goals helps you focus your blogging energy. If the thing you’re doing isn’t helping you achieve your goals, ditch it.  Because achieving a goal is a great feeling that motivates you to set and meet new goals, creating a continuous cycle of awesome.

Goal 1    

–  I have a facebook page for my blog hoping my family will read it.  I also hope bloggers with facebook pages will link and connect to me and vice versa on facebook. –

I created my blog ‘littlegirstory’ for my life story, my autobiography and chosen WordPress as the platform hoping my children (who are currently not in the least interested) and future generation will know me and know their roots.


Goal 2  

–  I aim to create a blog that is inspirational and motivational through sharing of my personal life experiences.  I am happy to have my motivational posts reblogged or shared on facebook, twitter or other social media. –

My life story is from my past to the present.  Originally intended only to be written for family members, it has now branched out into a blog to be shared and read by anyone and everyone who love to read life stories, poems, international news, lifestyle, food and nutrition, random thoughts and enjoyed photography.  I see my blog as an open diary and often when I blog especially on random thoughts – mostly poetry, the topic chosen is very much affected by my mood of the day.  When I feel relaxed and happy, I may write a happiness poem or when I may be a bit troubled, I may blog about loneliness or the gloomy weather but most of my posts will almost always end with some sort of motivation which I used to motivate myself indirectly by writing it down and sharing it with others.  In a nutshell, goal 2 is about creating an blog that may inspire and encourage those looking for motivation in their daily lives.


Goal 3  

– I aim to relate to like minded people through my blog and make it an interactive meeting place. –

Through blogging, I have seen many bloggers who relate to others and friendship is formed.  I blog by my real name although I call myself ‘Little Borneo Girl’ in my life story on  I hope to link and be connect to like minded bloggers around the world who share a passion for writing and through the same interest, relate and be friends with one another.

Here are some questions to mull over to help you uncover/refine what’s most important to you about your blog:  Why do you blog? To gain notoriety? To secure a book contract?  To self-publish your work? To establish yourself as a leader in your field? To gain followers? Traffic? To connect with others? To work through and clarify your own thoughts?

The answer to this is explained above.  When I was only writing my autobiography, it does not matter to me whether or not anyone outside my family read my story.  When I started to expand my blog to writing such as a poem for example or I may enjoy taking part in DP Photo Challenge, it means so much to see my post being read, to see the Likes and comments with the effort I put in creating that post.  Often times, an easy breeze DP Photo Challenge post got me twenty or more times of Likes compared to that of an article or a poem that took me hours to write and tidy it up.  In times like those, I do often get a little discouraged.  This post highlighted how I felt at such times.

If your blog exceeded your wildest dreams, what would that look like?  Would you have a different design?

I chose a simple theme for my blog with the picture of a pine cone which resembles a pine cone I have sitting at my outdoor table at home.  I guess I am happy with the theme I had chosen and it will remain as it is now.  You will see the similarity of my the pine cone in littlegirlstory blog and that similar picture in my deck at home.  Please check it out here

How many followers would you have? How much traffic?

I have blogged for 10 months and I have just slightly over 200 followers and I followed more or less about the same number.  Looking at other bloggers, I would say I am actually below average in my performance (or popularity) perhaps my writing style does not appeal to everyone but I am quite happy with my project (that’s my blog) although I would love to have more followers and see more LIKES and Comments especially on posts that I wrote with passion and shared with enthusiasm.  My daily traffic ranges from 50 to 250.  Besides my followers, many visitors came from search engines as a few of my posts has tags that generated a lot of traffic.

What sort of community would participate?  What discussions would take place? How often would you post?

I used to participate in Daily Prompts after completing my writing my autobiography but I had to stay up late every night as it was past midnight before Daily Prompt appeared on my Reader.   Then after day light savings, it was not till 2am before it came up on my reader so I gave up.  Now I only participate in Daily Prompt when I like the subject and submit it a day after the Prompt and the responses I received in readership and Likes is not the same as when it was posted fresh from the oven.  I love DP Photo Challenge but lately with the change of the layout, I am a bit lost but getting there.  I post a photo every now and then on Wordless Wednesday.  I strive to do A Post A Day.  


I know I should be making SMART goals but meantime I do have a mission but not a vision on the timelines.  I want my blog to be a hobby, a pleasure  rather than a pressure once I set solid goals and timelines.



Note :  Are you still with me?  This is a raw submission.  Please pardon any grammar or typo error from a sleepyhead writer.


via Blogging 201, Day One: Set Three Goals.

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