Are you a Junk Food Junkie ?

What’s your biggest junk food weakness?
Tell us all about it in its sugary, salty, glory.



I am definitely not a Sweetie.
Candies, chocolates or marshmallows are not my junkies.



I won’t say no to licking that cold sugary, creamy ice cream.
Häagen-Dazs can’t be found here but Movenpick is just as cool.

haagen daz








At times I crave something crisp and salty.
Lays are hard to find but Pringles will do just fine.










Almonds, cashews, macadamia and pistachios
Crunching those nuts gives me such glory.








 Do you call yourself a junk food junkie?
Can you resist saying NO to junk food?


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6 thoughts on “Are you a Junk Food Junkie ?

  1. I can’t believe Lays are hard to find in New Zealand too! There are Lays in Asian shops here in Melbourne, but they are the funky-kind made in Asia. They taste okay, actually. I’m actually not sure what the fuss is about with Movenpick. Connoisseur ice-cream is what I like best. One other bad snack I love is Shapes. Planning on getting some tomorrow.

    Hope you’re enjoying the long weekend and having a good Easter, Jess. I don’t celebrate it but it’s fun to join in the celebrations.

    • The Lays we have here are the ones similar like what you said from Chinese supermarket and they aren’t exactly the same taste. Shapes is nice, yes I do like them too. We have a quiet Easter this year, Mabel, unlike previous other years,we had lots of easter eggs and bunnies but there is nothing of such in my house this year as kids their own program and do not live full time with me now they are in university. 🙂

      • Yeah, the Lays in the Asian shops don’t taste the same as the American ones. Here in Safeway we have “Lays Staxx”, yes they are Lays brand chips but they don’t taste anywhere near the packet ones.

        It sounds like you are enjoying your quiet Easter. You can have all the chocolates to yourself! I’m having a quiet one too, relaxing after some stressful busy weeks 🙂

      • Ah, it was actually a rap album review. Finally finished it last night after 3 weeks, so hard :S I’ll have to start writing this week’s blog post soon, haha. One day I think you’ll ask me “Have your written your first book yet?” 😀

        I wish I could sit and write leisurely like you. Such a relaxing life!

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