Happiness is only real when shared

Easter is round the corner
as we celebrate this festive season
with easter eggs
and easter bunnies
let’s reflect on the true meaning
of this festive season
that God love us so much
that He died for us
and He rose again
that we may live
therefore let’s treasure
each and every minute of our life
live life with a purpose
be happy and treasure every minute
every second
every moment.

© little borneo girl



8 thoughts on “Happiness is only real when shared

  1. I love this post, I love the message behind it. I also love the first quote photo, did you make it yourself? I hope you have a Happy Easter and long weekend, Jess. I’m trying to finish writing a review for a publication by tomorrow, after that I will be able to kick-back 🙂

    • Yes I did the the photo and the happiness quote. I read somewhere about ‘laugh hard and rules can be broken’ and used that prompt to write the rest. My son had been sick and he told me he will now live life a day at a time (like spending $40 for a notebook to scribble his uni notes when he could buy one for $4). YOLO came from him and I don’t know how he would feel now that I shared his YOLO. Ha.a.a. well, all the best to your review writing. Perhaps one day soon I will be able buy a book of yours off the bookstore or see books with ‘reviewed by the bestselling culture Aussie writer Mabel Kwong’. 🙂

      • I hope your son gets well soon. Winter is approaching, best we all bundle up and hide away from those flu bugs. I don’t use YOLO too much but hear it all the time…I’m part of Gen Y after all. It’s funny you say you want to buy a book of mine. Just yesterday I was thinking of writing a book about being Asian Aussie…and what would go into it… :O

        How did you make the photo (e.g. software)? I would also like to share it on my blog’s Facebook Page if you don’t mind, with credits to you? it’s okay if you don’t want me to 🙂

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