Fill in the blanks ………………………..

I thought I’d give WordPress a miss tonight as I wasn’t in the mood to blog.
However, as usual, Sleep decided not to co-operate with me again tonight.

Sleep and me often do not if not always see eye to eye.
When I am all ready  to go to bed and have an early night,
Sleep doesn’t want to come.

She must be good buddy with those two eyes of mine.
I am now fully awake when I am supposed to be asleep.

When stubborn Sleep finally came
when I cuddled up with my teddy bear,
peacefully breathing in total relaxation
that alarm clock roared in my ears.

I am absolutely sure Sleep is the culprit and a control freak.
She’s getting too big for her boots but one day when Peace intervene
I know I will finally get my Beauty Sleep.

Now what’s all this post with a title that doesn’t match.
Fill in the blanks …………………………..

I thought I was going to do a blank post and open it up to all bloggers
to share a paragraph or two of anything and everything about Sleep or Insomnia.

I am pretty sure this stubborn Sleep of mine is just the age thing.
I know one day, when I adjust to my time clock,
she will come at my beck and call to give me my Beauty Sleep.

Fill in the blanks ……………………..

your thoughts very much appreciated.


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4 thoughts on “Fill in the blanks ………………………..

  1. I have an idea, get a bottle of whiskey, drink it all and I guarantee that you´ll be nocked out in about one hour. Better prepare the pills for tomorrow for the hangover before the drinking starts though.(wink wink)

    I too have a hard time sleeping, what can I do? Watch t.v or read, usually reads helps me sleep. Gets my mind out of all other stuff that can be bothering me and not letting me sleep.

  2. I love the photo you shared. It reminds me of my childhood blanket that I still use to cover myself every night. Soft and reliably keeps me warm without fail although it’s a bit small. These days I fall asleep very easily – working full time and juggling writing on the side is exhausting 🙂 Maybe you might want to eat a banana before you head to bed? I heard that helps make people sleepy.

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