From food to laughters

I am a foodie
someone who appreciates food
call me an apprentice food connoisseur
or an undiscovered MasterChef.

From dine out
restaurants of all sorts
as I enjoyed each dish
my taste buds registered the ingredients I need.

I love going to markets
then to my kitchen
to improvise the dish I ate
at that Mediterranean restaurant last week.

Sometimes I got carried away
often cooking too much
a variety of dishes
my poor fridge has no room to breathe.

Nothing gets wasted here
hungry stomachs
from kids to dog
everyone happily get their feed.

Often we host parties
to share our passion for food
Kiwis call it ‘bring a plate’
Malaysians call it ‘potluck’.

The house comes alive
with chatters, laughters and cheers
the sound of clinking glasses
eat, drink and be merry.


Don’t Worry Be Happy.

The secret to maintain your weight is to eat three average meals or five to six small meals a day.


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