5 “Healthy” Foods That Will RUIN Your Skin!

“Healthy” Foods That Will RUIN Your Skin!

Have you ever looked at someone who appears 10 years younger than she is? And found yourself feeling jealous of her good genes? Well, according to recent research it’s not all genes that make you look older, but its the ‘healthy’ food you are eating! These foods are the cause of your dry and sagging skin, your crow’s feet, deep lines, dark spots and wrinkles. Our experts have listed the top 5 worst ‘healthy’ foods that literally RUIN your skin below. 


The Top 5 ‘Healthy’ Foods that Make You Look Older Than You Are:

Red Meat

It’s a staple of most Americans’ diets, but a recent study from Cleveland Clinic’s Wellness Institute suggests that eating it is linked to wrinkling, as well as serious health risks. According to the research, the high level of carnitine, a compound abundant in animal protein, can harden blood vessel walls, causing skin to crease prematurely. Which will make you look at least a few years older, faster!


Foods like white bread and pasta have a high glycemic index, which inflames skin and produces reactive oxygen species. Those break down collagen, which keeps skin strong, and elastin, which keeps skin supple, resulting in less vibrancy and plumpness.

Spicy Foods

Hot peppers can be great for your metabolism, but bad for some people’s skin. Spicy foods can dilate your blood vessels.Those capillaries make the skin look less clear and youthful. It could also cause dark spots!


The carbohydrates in potatoes are quickly converted to sugars. This can cause high blood sugar, which will lead to a wrinkled skin, sagging skin and could definatly ruin your skin. You will even gain some weight!

Vegetable Oil

You can find these extremely processed oils in almost every packaged foods at the supermarket. The biggest problem is the oil will easily oxidate after exposure to heat or even light. Oxidation is associated with more than 60 aging diseases such as wrinkles and age spots!

Article credit :http://dermatologischnieuws.com/eng/nz

I love spicy food.  Will have to sacrifice for some wrinkles, unfortunately.


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