Daily Prompt: Shake it Up

Daily Prompt: Shake it Upby Krista on February 24, 2014

You’re 12 years old. It’s your birthday. Write for ten minutes on that memory.


Photographers, artists, poets: show us RECKLESS.


via Daily Prompt: Shake it Up.

On your mark, get set go !

Ten minutes of reflection, going back some thirty years ago.  Wow that makes me feel antique now.

As usual for the last two years since I was in primary five, I had been sitting at the last row or the last but one row of the class.  When we were in primary three, teacher often measured our height and I was like about four feet six inches then and when I was twelve years old (Primary Six) I think I had almost reached my full height.  Today I believed I still stand at five feet four inches if I had not strunk yet.

I cannot recall having birthday parties earlier than twelve years old.  I guess we did not have any celebration then but when I was twelve or thirteen, my aunt made me a new dress and we invited a few of my classmates round and I had a round cake with maybe twelve or thirteen candles and that afternoon was so special to me.  I can still recall the dress I wore, puffed sleeves and flowery dress with a ribbon tied behind.

So sweet and innocent, a twelve year old of yesteryear wishing she was a grown up woman so could wear make-up, dress up, wear heels and work in an office.  Those were in the days where the radio was playing in the background with the Osmond Brothers singing ‘Puppy Love.’

Innocent twelve year old trying to look  like a grown up.   Photo credits http://www.thdress.com/ Model unknown

Innocent twelve year old trying to look like a grown up.
Photo credits http://www.thdress.com/
Model unknown

11 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Shake it Up

    • We were children who lived in the present ( back then), adventurous enough and can’t wait to grow up looking ahead to the millennium and lived the days of yesteryears in a rush. We did not know about yesteryears till they were gone and along with them, taken our childhood away. Does that makes sense, Vera, Jess (that’s me) and all friends who grew up in yesteryears?

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