Tips for foodies

Have you ever noticed how fit most Singaporean girls are?  Singapore is a food haven yet most local girls have model figures.

The secret to this is perhaps Singapore is a vibrant city, full of life and every second, every minute people are on the go.

When I used to live in Singapore, my routine was very robotic.  I walked to the MRT station, took the train and then walked to the bus stop where the company bus dropped us to work.  One practically live by the clock and so much walking and it wasn’t breeze walking but a brisk walking so you won’t miss the bus !

All these physical activities somewhat balance the calories consumed with each food intact.  In a nutshell, you can still enjoy food, eat in moderation but stay active and burn the same calories if not more than that consumed with your daily food intact.

Some tips on how to enjoy food without fear of putting on weight

1.  Recognize the amount of food you actually need.  Avoid tit bits when we’re not even hungry.

2.  Serve in smaller portions. The idea is simple, many of us continue to eat simply because there is still food left on the plate, many of us do this subconsciously. Forget the “do not waste food” rule that you were brought up with.  Eat a comfortable portion and doggy bag the rest.

3.  Set times for yourself at which to eat. Most people get hungry at certain times each day. No matter what or how much they eat, they still get hungry at those times. Try only to eat at those times, or you can end up eating more than you should.

4.  Try focusing your daily calorie intake on breakfast or lunch.  During the day, the organism uses up a lot of resources, which means that most of what gets consumed gets burnt by dinner time, allowing you to eat more for lunch and feel half-full by evening. Supper is the least efficient of the three main meals, since you won’t need as much energies in your sleep.

5.  Absolutely avoid nighttime snacks: they’re calories you’re never going to shed.

6.  Take your time to chew your food: this will prolong your enjoyment of the meal, since feeling the flavors for longer will satisfy you even with smaller portions, and aid the organism in better metabolizing the food through an easier digestion. A quicker metabolism will let the body process the nutrients more efficiently, thus leading to less fat buildup.

7.  Mind what you eat. This doesn’t mean to find out the exact number of calories or carbs that you’re eating everyday. It simply means that you have to be aware that a fried chicken or KFC is not of the same health value as a piece of baked skinless chicken breast.

8.  Whenever possible, help yourself to a lot of vegetables. You can’t get much healthier than that, but do not use sauces or heavy condiments, or it will be all for nothing.

9.  Do not restrict your eating.
  Eat frequently and in smaller portions.  If you had a big feed for breakfast or lunch, skip dinner.  Do not simply eat due to habit.

10,  Drink at least a glass of water before your meal. This way, you will feel fuller, and also eat less.

11.  Brush your teeth after meals. When your mouth feels clean, you will not want to eat and ruin that minty clean feeling.

12.  Do some physical activities after each meal. Take a walk or do some light exercises (play snooker or pool, walk your dog, push your baby pram) to burn some calories after each meal.  Do your own housework, do not hire a maid!


2 thoughts on “Tips for foodies

  1. Definitely agree with the vegetable point. We should always include more greens in our meals. I am always puzzled by how some people don’t like eating greens. For me. I like the crunchiness of a lot of vegetables. And I love steamed veggies as they rarely leave you with a greasy mouth. Have to admit I always eat munchies at night after din dins… 🙂

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