The joy of sharing, foodwise

Have you ever noticed that Asians like to share their food?

And that is not the only question.  Have you ever wondered …..

Why do Asians always take photo of food?

That sounded so like me, that food gets more photo shots then the diners but don’t ask me why as I have no answer.  It is just something done so naturally.  Perhaps I wanted to capture the moment, save the image of the beautiful food presentation before it’s eaten and gone.

If you go to an Asian restaurant, most diners will order a variety of dishes and share as in having a banquet.  In Western restaurants, normally the dishes are entree, main and desert and each diner will order and eat from their own plate.

When going out to dinner with friends or family, we would normally order different food so we could have a taste of all the different varieties. In Asian restaurants an order of a banquet (many sharing dishes) is common while in Western restaurants, we would place our individual orders but get nibbles of everyone else’s food.  Every meal would become a tasting menu.

The Asian population is now scattered all over the world and their eating habits have somewhat been accepted and even followed by other nationalities.  Perhaps decades ago, a Western person may find food sharing unhygienic especially with people you do not know well. Most restaurants will have an individual serving spoon for each dish and it is not like you are using your chopstick to pick up the food, put it in your mouth and then with that same chopstick full of your saliva, dig into all the other dishes on the centre table spreading your saliva everywhere.

Today, it is a pretty common thing to see people sharing an enjoying food.

The family that eats together, stays together.

Our dinner this evening at a local eatery.  Three dishes shared between my daughter and me.  We knew we could not finish them all but just wanted to share the varieties.

Our dinner this evening at a local Western eatery. Three dishes (Steak, Chicken livers and Seafood risotto) shared between my daughter and me. We knew we could not finish them all but just wanted to try the varieties.  Doggy bag the rest home, nothing gets wasted here.


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