Missing you

You were my boyfriend
You were my husband
You are the father of my children
You are still my friend.

When we were younger
We took many things for granted
Now that we are older and living apart
We treasure our little times together.

We may no longer be husband and wife
Since we had once bonded
Shared a life and blessed with three children
You will always be my family and my trusted friend.


Till I see you again, my trusted friend.

2 thoughts on “Missing you

  1. Yours is moving story that touches my heart, Jess. You are very blessed to have such a man and this friendship. I know married couples who don’t have that kind of connection. Enjoy this blessing 🙂

    • Yes Vera. I am very blessed in this aspect. The reason why we stayed friends was we did not have a nasty break up. We just stopped talking to each other while we build our own career. Communication to me is the key to a good marriage and we lost that. Thank you for reading, my good friend..

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