Windy night

I retired to bed

yet I did not bury my head

to go to sleep.

Well past my bedtime,

with my computer on my lap

dopey eyes wearing glasses reading your blog.

In the wee hours of the night,

or more the wee hours of dawn,

thinking of what to blog on mine tonight.

The  night wind are blowing wild,

the trees are crying aloud,

yet the leaves are music to my ears.

Whispering you are not alone,

the leaves on the trees like your family and friends

are there to ride the wind and storm with you.

Hold tight, never let go

wind is the source of energy

that blows you into a beautiful tomorrow.

Photo credits Bart Hendrix

Photo credits Bart Hendrix


One thought on “Windy night

  1. Reblogged this on littlegirlstory and commented:

    Tonight the winds are hailing, blowing away all miseries.

    In seasons like this, I think of my loved ones hoping for a heart ot heart talk of comport

    So that do not feel like to lost soul, no family or friends that would care if I got blown away in the wind.

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