Daily Prompt: Blogger of Repute

Daily Prompt: Blogger of Repute.

‘You are always smiling,

You are very generous,

You are so kind’.

I often hear of those nice comments about myself,

sometimes from people I do not even know that well.

That makes me sound like a very happy jolly person.

I believe in living for today hence I do not worry much.

As the saying goes, worrying is like a rocking chair,

it gets you nowhere.

I started my blog as an autobiography to write my lifetime story.

Eventually my blog became my open diary.

I write whatever is on my mind.

Totally raw, not edited as well as it should be.

I publish whatever I wrote and did my edition online.

It is now 5am and I am still awake.

Perhaps I had a too ‘full-on’ day.

Full of activities, no time to rest my mind at all.

My thoughts are racing at 1000 miles an hour.

I guess I am very disorganized today.

That’s just me when I feel a bit confused

not knowing whether to smile or too cry.

Nothing had upset me, really.

Perhaps I had been too much in a rush trying to

do too many things in too short a time.

One obvious thing is I should be in bed and sound asleep

rather than be here on WordPress

writing a whole page of sweet nothings.

Blogger of Repute ?

A blogger is like a movie star

it is up to her readers (or fans as in movie star) to rate how good,

how bad, how boring or how captivating her stories appear.

Perhaps after this random post, you will no longer follow me.

Or would you???

Thank you for reading till the end if you are still with me.

It is now my bedtime or well past it.

Happy weekend !!!  Sending my greetings to everyone of you across the miles.

I might as well reveal it all.  Writing a whole page of sweet nothings and my photo to show !

That's the random me... live for the moment, snap my own picture in their double swan top.  All for the thrill of it.  Lovely top for display but definitely makes me look like the clown's assistance.  And that's me, a blogger am I?  Reputed for ???? ...

That’s the random me… living for the moment as always, snapped my own picture in that double swan top in the changing room. All for the thrill of it. Lovely top for display but definitely makes me look like a clown’s assistance. And that’s me, a blogger am I? Reputed for ???? What a silly gooose !!!  And by the way, I did not end up buying that top  !

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