Beer is to Men as Wine is to Women

Besides food, drinks (and maybe golf) amongst others are ways to socialize and network be it in business or leisure.  Whatever the occasion may be, social entertainments could mean a meal in a fancy restaurant, after work drinks at the local pub or a feast at the open air seafood restaurants (as in Singapore or Malaysia).  A glass of wine (or beer for some) can help you and your guests feel more relaxed and sociable.

My appreciation of wines came about after living in a country that produces the best Pinor Noir in the world (from my tastebuds).  I grew up in Malaysia and Singapore and drinks in these countries are centered around beers – Tiger, Calsberg and Heineken are the household names.

To most Malaysians or Singaporeans, wine would mean Merlot as in Red and Chadonnay as in White.  Back then, I could not tell the difference between a box wine to a bottled wine.  Today, I am quite a little ‘expert’ in wine tasting, my favourite is of course New Zealand’s own Pinor Noir (which calls for a post on its own).

According to most guidelines, one ‘drink’ is equivalent to:

  • 5 ounces of wine.
  • 12 ounces of beer.
  • 1.5 ounces of 80-proof distilled spirits, such as vodka.

These same guidelines recommend no more than one drink each day for women and two for men.

Personally, I tend to relate men to beers and women to wine.  Men are bigger, physically bigger frames and bigger beings compared to women who are smaller frame and more sophisticated in their own right (as in ‘ego’ is to men and ‘pride’ is to women).  This goes the same for beer and wine, a standard 330ml (approximately 11oz) can of beer compared to a 100ml (approximately 4oz) glass of table wine.

There are so many things to write about wine and beer and this topic calls for a new category added to my blog with more stories to follow.

And just in case I am concerned about drinking too much, I constantly ask myself ‘is my drinking okay?’  Drinking as with all other habits is fine when done in moderation.  Too much or too excessive of something can be a risk and may cause harm to oneself and those loved ones around you.

As all Malaysians and Singaporean echo, YUMSENG with beer, I say my TOAST and raise my glass of wine, obviously with better health benefits too.  ‘YumSeng’ literally means, “to drink to success” or “to drink to victory”.

Let’s raise our glasses and toast for good health and success in 2014 and beyond !

Beer as to Men and Wine as to Women Image credit

Beer is to Men and Wine is to Women
Image credit

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Is Your Drinking Okay? test* can help you find out more about your level of risk from your drinking.  Just complete the questionnaire and it will automatically add up your score and tell you what it means. It’s that easy!  This test is based on the World Health Organization Alcohol AUDIT screening tool. It has been designed to gauge whether your drinking is putting you at risk.

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