Fresh fish have arrived

Dear Jess

This Week’s Specials
While stocks last, up to 5KGS free shipping
Back to normal full service delivery Tuesday to Saturday


Blue Cod, Live Crays just landed,
Also, Snapper, Tarakihi, Bluecod, Gurnard, Groper (Hapuka)
Albacore Tuna, and lots more


Have a great week from the team at HBS

Kind Regards



Letter, logo and all images originated from Hawkes Bay Seafoods

The above is a regular email that comes into my mail box.  After buying a discount voucher some months ago which entitled me to order fresh seafood from Hawkes Bay Seafood, I am now on their mailing list and the privilege group of those who receive first hand information when fresh catch has arrived.

Having nothing much to do after the festive season, I thought I would check out their offer. Those top two items looked to be pretty good deals but I was disappointed to see ‘Out of Stock’.  In fact all the items with images shown on the email were ‘Out of Stock’.

I was utterly disappointed but did not give up.  In the end, I ordered what was available and ended up spending close to $100 on flounders, gurnard, terakihi, a few prawns, smoked salmon pieces and prawn balls.  This may sound not to bad for any family of four perhaps who love seafood but yours truly lives alone although I do have a guest with me for another month.

So it looks like we will be eating lots of ‘fresh catch’ freshly frozen for quite a while all due to the nice catchy advertisements, images and the convenience of online shopping.  Oh yes, I have not mentioned that there is a fresh seafood market just five minutes drive from my home.

Besides, I have a whole stack of meal vouchers from Grabone, Groupon, Treats and Spreets or what other name you could think of.  I seem to be a victim of online shopping and discount vouchers.  It would not be so bad if I halved my supermarket budget or my dining out budget to make way for these online purchases but unfortunately these online purchases happily fall outside the regular budget.  How extravagant !

Since I penned my thoughts into words, now perhaps I should seriously make my new year resolution to start living on a budget.  Spend only on what I need and not what I want.

Are you a victim of online shopping?

Is online shopping a cost saving to you or are you spending unnecessarily?

By the way, the is the result of my temptation.  A hundred dollars worth of fresh fish delivered to my door !!!  Cook for one (or two, thankfully at least for this month).



5 thoughts on “Fresh fish have arrived

  1. Only in America, gotta love it. On-line shopping, I wish there was something like that here in Spain.
    100 buck? How long doe´s that last you. That can last me 3-4 weeks if I do some smart and healthy shopping. But I have to take a hole bunch of bags back up to my house.

    • Hi CharlyPriest, This order is for about 5kg of fishes and that’s around 14 or more fishes. I don’t eat fish everyday so may last me last me for a month or even more. It’s just the thrill and convenience of online shopping. I could easily go to the seafood market round the corner of my house to buy what I needed for the day. Thank you for your comment and for visiting my blog. 🙂

      • What has civilization come too… have the market around the corner and you do it by shopping in line. This is the end of the civilization that I known in my 31 years of existance. Tragedy has hit my doorsteps.

        By the way, no thanks needed, I read what I find interesting.

        Stay Frosty.

  2. A Taiwanese friend told me about this Hawkesbay fish monger. Apparently he has been using this for ordering his fish for some time (delivered to his house). Then his friends come to his house to collect their share. The fish are freshly frozen and tastes much better than those from Pak N Sav.

    • Yes, David the fish are so fresh. They are delivered fresh, not frozen. The quality is similar if not better than ocean seafood. If you do not have ocean seafood in Hamilton, then it’s worthwhile to purchase direct from hawkes bay seafood. Thank you for visiting my blog. 🙂

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