Paddle your bicycle and enjoy your life

Life is like riding a bicycle,
we paddle and paddle,
we keep going,
each day and everyday.

Once we stop padding
we lose our balance and will fall
unless we put out one leg
to step on the ground for support.

In life we live and move around daily,
we sleep, we wake, we go about doing our daily chores,
we go to work, we relax, we chill out,
life can be as colorful or as dull as we make it.

One day if we should fall sick and bedridden,
when we no longer have the energy to get up,
like the one leg that stepped on the ground
for support when we stop paddling.

The day will come when life leave us,
we go to bed and never get up again,
no energy left to move our leg to step out of that bed,
peacefully we sleep like bicycles fallen flat on the ground.


These colorful bicycles were lifted up, hung and displayed on the wall.


“The life given us, by nature is short; but the memory of a well-spent life is eternal.”         ― Cicero

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