What is a biscuit?

I write this post with a BIG Smile. 

Writing about something so obvious – What is a biscuit?

In all my life before moving to New Zealand , to me, a biscuit is a biscuit, a cookie that you dip into your coffee or milo and put into your mouth.  That’s a messy, childish and old fashion habit passed down through the generations.  You got to be quick to put that soggy  biscuit into your mouth before it breaks and fall apart.  In my old days, the most popular were the Marie Biscuits. J

Image courtesy of http://en.wikipedia.org

Image courtesy of http://en.wikipedia.org

I am inspired to share my version of biscuit and the other meaning of biscuit.  Besides referring to biscuit as a cookie, the kiwi’s other version of biscuit is something that is blown up that you could ride on normally tied on a string and pulled by a boat.  I remembered when I first moved to New Zealand , that was when I first heard the word ‘biscuit’ used in a different context and it was so fun having my first ride, a 40 year old kid on a biscuit ! 

Hardly anyone in New Zealand will call Ski Biscuit a Ski Biscuit, it is simply called a biscuit !  


While I am in the midst of writing this post, ‘Daily Prompt: You’re a Winner’ came up on my reader.

Daily Prompt: You’re a Winner!

You’ve just won $1 billion dollars in the local lottery. You do not have to pay tax on your winnings. How will you spend the money?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us RICH.


I’ve just won $1 billion and I am using part of this money to bring a smile to the whole country.  Each and every household will receive a tin of Marie Biscuit and A Biscuit.  A dozen boats will be operating for the whole month at each and every beaches in the country to give the community a chance to have a thrill ride on a Biscuit !  Baby sitting services provided to care for your young ones while parents go on the Biscuit.

Plenty of job opportunities created.  Life guards, boat master, baby sitters required.  Full training provided, no experience necessary !

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  9. I remember Marie Biscuits from my childhood too and was glad to find them in New Zealand when i moved here 14 years ago. But in all that time, I had never heard of the other “biscuit”. Thanks for enlightening me:)

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