Daily Prompt: Mid-Season Replacement

Daily Prompt: Mid-Season Replacement by michelle w. on October 11, 2013

For many of us the seasons are changing, bouncing unpredictably between cold and warm.  Are you glad to be moving into a new season, or wishing for one more week of the old?  Photographers, artists, poets: show us SEASONS.

via Daily Prompt: Mid-Season Replacement.

Springtime is here,

warmer and longer day light as the season sheds off its winter coat.

spring is here

spring is here

Summer will soon be here.

Time for the beach and jandals to show off my painted toe nails again.

Summer art - painted toenails

Summer art – painted toenails



Autumn is harvest time,

to taste some of the finest fruit and produce at farmers’ markets and vineyards.

Autumn harvest - Tomatoes

Autumn harvest – Tomatoes

Winter has just gone and is still a long way away,

before I start digging into my closet to pull out all my winter gears again.

fingerprints in the snow

fingerprints in the snow

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