Happiness, Joy & Peace

is that amazing feeling
when you feel light and
when you smile all day.

is that warm sensation
when your cheeks glow and
when you get the sparkles in your eyes.

is that feeling of belonging
when you are at the right place, at the right time
when you enjoy the moment and live the life.

Smiley Flower Happy!Image courtesy of Free Smiley Face Wallpaper

is a feeling of happiness
of great pleasure,
a sense of achievement
and fulfillment.

is a feeling of delight
of elation
a sense of satisfaction
that lingers and soothes.

Image courtesy ofhttp://www.bestsayingsquotes.comImage courtesy of www.bestsayingquotes.com

is a state where there is
no war, no fighting.

happens when
HAPPINESS and JOY come together.

peaceImage courtesy of Joy of Quotes

3 thoughts on “Happiness, Joy & Peace

  1. Great poem. I like how you put those two first words and related them to peace. Rings true, and quite,smart and creative by your part. Hard to find peace.
    P.S. The Poster of Peace…I wrote that, but don´t tell. Don´t want to seem too smart.

    • Hi Charly Priest, Thank you for your nice comments. I like the simple plain color of the Peace Poster, Author now found. (I won’t tell but words will tell.). 🙂
      Great they found a way to be part of my poem.

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