Sarawak Laksa made it to Anthony Bourdain’s 12 Must-Try Street (Hawker) Food

In 2012, the Sarawak Tourism Board in its blog polls concerning top 10 iconic foods of Sarawak, Sarawak Laksa comfortably ranked no.1 and followed by Kolo Mee.

Sarawak Laksa

Sarawak Laksa

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“Street food, I believe, is the salvation of the human race.”

So proclaimed Anthony Bourdain, passionate street food advocate and consumer, at the inaugural World Street Food Congress in Singapore.

Held in the Southeast Asian street food Mecca, the WSFC featured extensive panels and discussions about international street food culture, from the USA’s food trucks to Singapore’s own prolific “hawker” centers, and a 10-day “Jamboree” of 37 street food vendors from around the world serving up their respective regional specialties.

“Street food makes travel interesting,” Bourdain explained. “It’s very easy to travel around the world and look out the window and not know where you are. You see the same businesses. Go to the best restaurant in town in Houston, New York, or Berlin, and they’re not going to be that different. That’s not the case with street food. In Mexico, you’ll know if you’re in Puebla or Mexico City—you’ll smell, see, and taste the difference.”

Indeed, here are a dozen must-try street foods that offer us a truly unique, local flavor.

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Sarawak Laksa – De factor State dish of Sarawak

A hawker favourite, Kuching Kolo Mee


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