Togetherness – My daughter, my son, myself and a dog named Tob

is the state of being close
to another person.

is a feeling of closeness or affection
from being united with other people.

is the warm fellowship
between friends and loved ones.

is doing things together
with family members or friends.

is synonymous with
affection, intimacy,  friendship, inseparableness, closeness and fellowship.

One Family

This weekend is fulfilling –

spending quality times with my two children

from sharing a late lunch to shopping,

dog walking our Toby and

Mummy cooking dinner

not for one but for three plus a dog.


Dog Walk


5 thoughts on “Togetherness – My daughter, my son, myself and a dog named Tob

  1. Thanks for dropping by my crazy blog.
    Nice seeing your poetry, I can´t write it but with you now I follow 5 people who write poetry. Strange. I like reading it but can´t write it…well here is my little attempt to end you´re poem.

    is all of us,
    a worldliness.
    Like it or not we´re all together,
    Naaa, not my thing. I better read petry.
    Stay Frosty.

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