Body Art Awards 2013 – Another awesome show

Another awesome show - Body Art Awards 2013

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Body art is still in its infancy in New Zealand but it is home to some world-class artists, says Body Artist Jane Willis.

“It’s becoming far more accepted as an art form and amazing thing to see come to life.”

The NZ Body Art Showcase 2013 was held last night, an annual event.  This year’s theme ‘The Circus’, showcased the finest artists competing across a diverse range of genres that includes special effects, fantasy, creatures, masks and body painting.   Last night’s presentation also had a very unique aspect – there was no MC, nor a voiceover.   The only utterance of a word was during the presentation of the awards.  Pretty cool.

Official photos on last night’s show have not been released yet and I am sharing a gallery of my own raw photos taken during the show.  Flash photography was not allowed so that was the best I could do sitting in the middle of the room with a camera with no flash on zoom.

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