Daily Care Products from the past

Reminiscing Daily Care Products of the past.

Do you have any memories of products you used years ago?

Kim Chi Hoon (Compressed Powder)

Kim Chi Hoon (Compressed Powder)

When I was a kid, my mother used this face compressed powder (Kim Chi Hoon). I found out recently this product is still available and my sister bought it for me from Kuching. I do not use it but it brings back good old memories just by looking at it. A long time ago when my grandmother was alive, we used to display a table of goodies in the garden during Moon Cake (Lantern festival) and besides moon cakes, Kim Chi Hoon was an item on the table. It was believed that if the Moon Goddess used this powder, whoever uses it after her will have fair and smooth complexion.

Tiger Balm Ointment

Tiger Balm Ointment

This product is still available for sale today. It is a kind of heat rub manufactured by Haw Par Healthcare in Singapore. When I was young and have a cough or cold, my aunt would rub this ointment on my chest and made me wear two layers of clothes to keep me warm.

Pink Ointment

Pink Ointment

Recently I had skin rashes or itchy skin and my aunt sent me this ointment from home. It is called Wellman’s Ointment but I called it Pink Ointment. I have no idea if she bought it from the local pharmacy or was an old stock off her cupboard .  When I goggle searched it, apparently, it is still available for sale.


As a kid, when I had flu, aunt would drip some axe medicated oil on one corner of a clean handkerchief and tied a small knot on that corner of the hanky, put that hanky in my pocket.  I was to sniff on it so I could breath better.

When I had my first baby, either I was an inexperienced mother or she was an impatient baby.  I did not seemed to have sufficient breast milk for her so we bought an antique hand-press pump so I could store sufficient milk ready for her.  It was not an easy job considering my lack of milk so I guess I only breast fed her for less than three weeks.  That was the same for my other two children.

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11 thoughts on “Daily Care Products from the past

  1. Medicated oil is still very popular with my mum. She uses it to relieve headaches and blocked nose. Personally, I don’t like using it. But as I kid, I did like using Tiger Balm ointment, rubbing it all over all the massive mosquito bites on my arms and legs in Malaysia and Singapore.

    • Back in my old days tiger balm was more a Singaporean and Malaysian home remedy treatment ointment but now it is used all over the world. It always reminded me of Haw Pa Villa and my childhood living in Singapore. 🙂

  2. Jess, this was very interesting to read..It brought back memories of Sarawak and Singapore. Haw Paw Villa was a place we usually would go to when my parents took us to Singapore every 6 months. We went back in 2006 and the place had deteriorated but it had wonderful memories for us. My Mom used to use the powder Kim Chi Hoon and the oil. Is it available still for sale in Sarawak? My Mom used to have it in our medicine cabinet. It was a good remedy for a lot of aches and colds. Thanks for an excellent write-up!!!

    • Hi Lynn, thank you for your nice comments. The older I get, the more appreciative I am of fond childhood memories and products of old days. I was pleasantly surprised to discover Kim Chi Hoon is available from India St in Kuching. Yes, Haw Par Villa brings back good memories to me too. 🙂

  3. Hand press pump to store milk? Jesus, that´s unique. Is that for real, if I had to watch any woman do that I´d probably take the first flight to Alaska….that´s probably the reason too that my relationships don´t last too long. Interesting post, daily care products….as I got older and because of having beaten my body too much during my twenties and now I´m suffering the consequences I´ve become quite an expert in what type of food is good for such and such things in your body. Also found out about what here in Spain we call “grandam recipes” not only for eating but for the body, a fact is that my grandma who lived through the Spanish civil war would use vinegar to rinse her hair and make it blonder. Go figure in the middle of a war she has to look pretty. And things like that, little products that I see on the shelves for your skin that cost you 20$ my grandma would buy or pick up from the bushes some fruits mix them up and make a cocktail for “skin smooth”. Not joking.

    • Wow interesting sharing, about “grandma recipes” – using vinegar to rinse hair. Would smell sour and awful though. 😦 The older generations went for natural products and still aged gracefully unlike these days where many are trying to beat the aging process with botox and the likes of. That hand press pump is a vintage product and if I am not wrong, it was made or invented in America. Does the trick.

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