Invitation to visit littlegirlstory Facebook Page

Invitation to visit littlegirlstory Facebook Page

My blog is my autobiography as most of you already know. More recently I have branched out from writing my life story to share my thoughts, shared photos and posts of all sorts. I have also created a littlegirlstory (Jess Kho’s story) facebook page to share my stories with friends who are on facebook but not bloggers like you and me.

This post is an invite to all blogger friends and readers who are on facebook to please visit my page.  Please click here to visit.  I would greatly appreciate a click before you leave to LIKE my page.  I am hoping to create a community with like-minded friends and link bloggers all over the world to share our common interest, to encourage each of us in our passion for writing.

If you also have a facebook page, please provide the link and I will be visiting you to LIKE your page too.

I love my blog and I love all my blogger friends.  Spread the love around.


Please share your thoughts.

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