The Pringles Logo and the Monopoly Guy…Separated at Birth?

Look at what I stumbled across?
The story of these old twins separated at birth.

Monopoly was my favourite childhood board game and Pringles my favourite snack.  After half a century, thanks to Andrew, they were finally reunited.  This is so cute and so funny.  I’ll get some Pringles and set up my old Monopoly set.  Who wants to come round and have a game?

A Blumes With a View

By Andrew Blumetti

Tom Selleck.  Super Mario.  Rollie Fingers.  Ron Swanson.

Just a sampling of some of the most killer mustaches of our generation.  Who doesn’t love an impressive growth of whiskers smack on the upper lip?  Whether it’s a sinister handlebarred villain tying a doomed damsel to the train tracks, or a lanky 1970’s pitcher spitting out his chew on the mound, the hairy gamut is fully covered.

Oddly enough, two well-known soup strainers are continually criminally overlooked on our favorite ‘stache list… but why?  What’s being covered up in Mascot Land?

In the biggest conspiracy theory since the Kennedy assassination, I plan to unearth the mysterious truth of two beloved logos:  The Pringles face and the old Monopoly mascot.  Eat your hearts out Mulder and Scully…

But before this gets hairy, let’s look a little bit closer at the backs of the baseball cards of these two fellas:

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