Blogger Awards – Are they a pleasure or a pressure ?

This post came about after reading Oliana, Whispering Insights, Traces of the Soul’s post on “This Blog no longer accepts AWARDS”.

I started to comment on her spot on and honest opinion on accepting Blog Awards and my two pennies worth of comments went longer than two sentences hence I better ‘shut up’ and return to my own blog rather than fill up a whole page on Traces of the Soul.

I received my first blog award from Scottishmomus and I was absolutely thrilled.  I was on holiday in Sunshine Coast and the first thing I did when I returned home was to claim that One Lovely Blog Award and passed it on.  Phew !


My second award notification actually went into my spam folder for some reason.  It was not till I checked my spam folder that I found it and accepted it and passed it on with a big WOW.  That was the Shine On Award kindly nominated by Lorraine Reguly.


And guess who nominated me for my third award?  None other dear Oliana of Whispering Insights, Traces of the Soul.  I was thrilled and got on to it diligently.  That was the WordPress Family Award.  Indeed I felt good and a sense of belonging to the WordPress Family.


Then while visiting a new blogger Bloggerita7 Heart to Web, I found out she had so kindly nominated me for Liebster Award.  By then my blog was in its second month and I was challenging myself to Post A Week.  I was writing and reading other blogs so this kind of chain effect in accepting awards was a little beyond me then.  However, being ‘greedy’, I accepted the award very gratefully but bent the rules a little (confession).


Personally, I value these awards too much to refuse any nomination but whether or not I can live up to accepting any future awards and passing them on is another matter.  I see these awards as connection to fellow bloggers and building a community and more importantly we are sharing the good blogs we follow with other bloggers.


While feeling a bit pressured by blogger awards and feeling sort of being driven to that kind of ‘chain’ pass on effect, I wanted to recognize and share other bloggers’ posts without having to pressure anyone into anything.  Hence, recently I created a Little Girl Story MUST READ post.  This is a badge to recognize good blogs (more specifically the particular posts) that I had read and liked.  It is my way of saying ‘thank you’ to bloggers that I follow for sharing and award them with my badge and share their posts with other bloggers.  Littlegirlstory badge is just a recognition, nothing more and the nominated bloggers do not need to do anything except if they wish, they can add Littlegirlstory badge to their nominated post, as easy as it.  It is not a chain kind of reward.

Now, I have finally wrote my two pennies worth of thoughts on a topic initiated by Oliana, Whispering Insights, Traces of the Soul.  I thought it would be a PLEASURE just to write a simple post on this topic but it ended up quite a PRESSURE with all the links I have to embed to recognize all the bloggers who had so kindly nominated me for those awards I had so far received.

Once again, THANK YOU Scottishmomus, Lorraine Reguly, Bloggerita7 and especially Oliana of Wispering Insights, Traces of the Soul for being part and parcel of this topic.

It is now my PLEASURE TO press ‘Publish’ on this post.

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5 thoughts on “Blogger Awards – Are they a pleasure or a pressure ?

  1. I agree with you there that blog awards are a way to connect bloggers here on WordPress, especially those of us who blog regularly and put a lot of effort into our blogs. I do think each person who chooses on to pass on the award does it with best intentions – I imagine listing out recommended blogs for a recognition award takes a lot of effort too 🙂

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