Daily Prompt: ( YAWN )

Daily Prompt: ( YAWN ).

What bores you?

YAWN, mouth wide open and then closed, let out a deep breath.

That’s me at the movie theatre,  the lady sitting in the middle of this picture.

Yes, that’s me alright.


Picture courtesy of Random Falling Asleep in Movie Theatre.

Going to movies isn’t really my kind of thing but I do it all the same as a family activity.  Ninety percent of the times, I ended up falling asleep no matter how good the movie is.  Sleep does not come easy to me as I am a night owl and do suffer from insomnia most nights but once in the movie theatre, YAWN comes easy and slowly dozed off, head sliding to my left or right and zzzzzzzzzz.  I’m passed out.

No idea why but I reckon that’s just me !


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