100% Pure New Zealand or not ????

100% Pure New Zealand or not ????

Fonterra’s CEO had apologized for the milk scare and our Prime Minister John Key says he is prepared to fly to China if he needs to in the wake of the Fonterra whey contamination scandal.


Why am I writing about this topic when I am not usually bothered by any headlines? Furthermore this piece of scandal is a hot topic and available with just a click and the story and latest update reported by all media worldwide.  Who would care for my two pennies worth of thoughts?  But all the same, I am posting it anyway.  Although I live buried in my own little world, minding my own business, this one piece of very sad news is affecting the whole world from what is supposedly a product of 100% Pure New Zealand. It is a costly mistake that hugely affected me and New Zealand in particular as well as the world at large.


Honestly, I am at a loss for words what to write on this issue other than  echo ‘sorry’.  I have nothing to do with Fonterra and neither am I related to its CEO or any employees other than both stepping on a common ground, on the same soil of a 100% Pure New Zealand.  I feel really sorry their mistake had ruined a 100% Pure New Zealand image, sorry to all parents for the big scare, anxiety and stress, sorry to the New Zealand economy and our weakening dollar. This is a BIG mistake, so costly just because someone did not do it right first time !


So in a nutshell, the purpose of this post is just a 100% pure and humble apology from a citizen of a 100% pure New Zealand.  If any of you are in any way affected by this scare, especially all mothers with infants, my thoughts and understanding is with you.  As a mother, I know how you feel and I know of all the stress and anxiety that go with it.



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