Post A Week 2013 Challenge !!!


My blog is now seven weeks old (young).  I had never intended to have a blog in the first place.  Where can I find all the time to blog?  Furthermore, I am not a writer, neither am I an avid reader.  I just wanted to find a place to record my existence and leave a mark on this world.  This ‘littlegirlstory’ is my journal for my autobiography and then branched out to other thoughts as they crept into my page.

Thank you WordPress for providing me the platform to make that happen.

I am going to challenge myself to a “Post A Week” taking readers through stories from my past, present activities and thoughts.  Will take up this challenge from NOW all the way till we wave goodbye to 2013 then I will truly deserve a CHRISTMAS BREAK !


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Over the past seven weeks, I had published twenty-two (22) posts, including my “About” page.  That averaged to three (3) posts per week so (fingers crossed) I should complete my challenge with flying colors going at this momentum.

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Before I sign off this post, sharing below message from WordPress.

Readers Find image widget instructions here. Make sure to have the image link to, so that others can learn about the challenge, too.

If I am able to motivate other bloggers to join me to a “Post A Week” (or the more adventurous may want to a “Post A Day”), please acknowledge this little Borneo girl and link back to

So it’s time for a CHALLENGE. 

This post is counted as my 1st post for Week 1.
For ease of record, my week count starts from Monday to Sunday.



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Please share your thoughts.

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