See what I broke

What caused this damage?  (See picture below.)  Overweight, obese?  

That digital scale was a present from my last birthday. I may have stood on it not more than ten times. Perhaps my last physical contact with it was fatal, or was it? I remembered the specs said it could take up to 250 kg.


What do you think?  Did the scale broke because it couldn’t stand my weight?  Ya, you are probably right.  I’ll post the picture of the culprit below so you can give your verdict.


So what do you think?  That digital scale broke because I was too hot, too big! It just could not handle me and my weight. Yeah, you guessed right. Seriously?


Of course not !!!!  

Here’s a reflection of what happened in my bathroom this morning.  It happened just so fast. I was not even on the scale ! I just happened to be clumsy, fell (that part you must have guessed) and slipped and pushed that scale to the corner and it ended shattered into pieces.  It was not a real nasty fall so I have no idea how the scale ended up that way, totally shattered.  Probably it was ‘Made in xxxxx.’ Now all the broken bits and pieces are in my garbage bag. RIP my digital scale. Rest assured I will not be buying a replacement.

This post is just some food for thought. That incident was not an everyday event so I took a break from recording my past to something present, though not very pleasant.



Please share your thoughts.

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